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必背的疑问句 小学英语常见问句汇总

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     I、询问姓名、年龄:name,How old

  1. ----What’s your name? ----你叫什么名字?

  ----My name is________. ----我叫……。

  2. ----What’s his name? ----他的名字是什么?

  ----His name is Mike.----他的名字是麦克。

  3. ----What’s her name? ----她的名字是什么?

  ----Her name is Chen Jie.----她的名字是陈婕。

  4. ----How old are you?----你几岁了?

  ----I’m 12. ----我十二岁。

  5. ----How old is he/she? ----他/她几岁了?

  ----He/She is 23.----他/她23岁。


  1. ----What colour is it?----它是什么颜色的?

  ----It’s yellow and white.----黄白相间。

  2. ----What colour are they? ----它们是什么颜色的?

  ----They’re green.----绿色的。


  1. ----What time is it now? ----现在几点钟?

  ----It’s nine o’clock.. It’s time for English class. ----九点。该上英语课了。

  (----It’s eight o’clock. It’s time to go to bed.) (----八点。该上床睡觉了。)

  2. ----What day is it today?----今天星期几?

  ----It’s Monday. ----星期一。

  ----What do we have on Mondays?----我们星期一上哪些课?

  ----We have Chinese, English, math …----语文、英语、数学……

  3. ----When is your birthday?----你的生日是什么时候?

  ----It’s October 1st, our National Day.----十月一日.国庆节。

  4. ----When do you do morning exercises?----你们什么时候做早锻炼?

  ----I usually do morning exercises at 8:30. ----我们通常8:30做早锻炼。


  1. ----Where is my toy car?----我的玩具汽车在哪儿?

  ----It’s here, under the chair. ----在这儿.在椅子下面。

  2. ----Where is the canteen? ----餐厅在哪儿?

  ----It’s on the first floor.----在一楼。

  3. ----Where are the keys? ----钥匙在哪儿?

  ----They’re in the door. ----在门上。

  4.----Excuse me. Where is the library, please? ----对不起.请问图书馆在哪儿?

  ----It’s near the post office.----在邮局附近。

  5. ----Where are you from? ----你从哪儿来?

  ----I’m from China.----我从中国来。

  6. ----Where does the rain come from?----雨是从哪儿来的?

  ----It comes from the clouds. ----它是从云层里来的。

  V、询问数量或价钱:How many , How much

  1. ----How many kites can you see?----你可以看见几只风筝?

  ----I can see 12.----我可以看见十二只风筝。

  2. ----How many crayons do you have?----你有多少支彩笔?

  ----I have 16. ----我有十六支。

  3. ----How many people are there in your family? ----你家有几口人?


  4. ----How much is this dress?----这条连衣裙多少钱?

  ----It’s ninety-nine yuan. ----九十九元。

  5. ----How much are these apples?----这些苹果多少钱?

  ----They’re thirty-five yuan.----三十五元。

  XVI、“How”问句:How tall,How heavy,How long

  1. ----How tall are you? ----你有多高?

  ----I’m 160 cm tall. I’m taller than you. ----我有160公分。我比你高。

  2. ----How heavy are you? ----你有多重?

  ----I’m 48 kg. You’re heavier than me. ----我有48公斤。你比我重。

  3. ----How do you go to school?----你怎么上学?

  ----Usually I go to school on foot. Sometimes I go by bike. ---我通常步行上学。有时候骑自行车。

  4. ----How can I get to Zhongshan Park?----我怎么到中山公园去?

  ----You can go by the No. 15 bus. ----你可以乘坐15路公汽。

  (----Go straight for five minutes. Then turn left. It’s on the left.)


  5. How long 有多长?


  1. ----How do you feel? ----你感觉如何?

  ----I feel sick. ----我觉得不舒服。

  ----How does Chen Jie feel? ----陈洁感觉如何?

  ----She’s tired.----她很疲倦。

  2. ----What’s the matter? ----怎么了?

  ----My throat is sore. / I have a sore throat.----我的喉咙疼。

  3. ----How are you, Sarah? You look so happy.----你好吗.莎拉?你看起来这么伤心。

  ----I failed the math test.----我的数学考试没有通过。

  VI、询问想吃的东西:would like

  1. ----What would you like for breakfast / lunch / dinner ?----你早餐/中餐/晚餐想吃点什么?

  ----I’d like some bread and milk / rice and soup. ---我想吃面包和牛奶/米饭和汤。

  2. ----What’s for breakfast / lunch / dinner?----早餐/中餐/晚餐吃什么?

  ----Hamburgers and orange juice.----汉堡包和橙汁。


  1. ----What’s the weather like in Beijing? ----北京的天气如何?

  ----It’s rainy today. How about New York?----今天是雨天。纽约呢?

  ----It’s sunny and hot. ----今天是晴天.天气很热。


  1. ----What’s your father / mother? ----你的父亲 / 母亲是做什么的?

  ----He’s a doctor. / She’s a teacher. ----他是一名医生。/ 她是一名教师。

  2. ----What does you mother / father do?----你的母亲 / 父亲是做什么的?

  ----She’s a TV reporter. / He’s a teacher. He teaches English.


  3. ----Who’s that man / woman? ---那位男士 / 女士是谁?

  ----He’s my father. / She’s my mother. ----他是我父亲。 / 她是我母亲。

  4, ----Who’s this boy / girl? ----那个男孩儿 / 女孩儿是谁?

  ----He’s my brother. / She’s my sister. ----他是我兄弟。 / 她是我姐妹。

  5. ----Who’s your art teacher? ----你们的美术老师是谁?

  ----Miss Wang.----王老师。

  ----What’s she like?----她长什么样儿?

  ----She’s young and thin.----她很年轻、苗条。


  1. ----What’s your favourite food / drink?----你最喜欢的食物 / 饮料是什么?

  ----Fish / orange juice.----鱼。 / 橙汁。

  2. ----What’s your favourite season?----你最喜欢的季节是什么?


  (----Which season do you like best? (----你最喜欢哪个季节?

  ----Winter.) ----冬天。)

  ----Why do you like winter? ----你为什么喜欢冬天?

  ----Because I can make a snowman.----因为可以堆雪人。

  3. ----What’s your hobby? ----你的爱好是什么?

  ----I like collecting stamps. ----我喜欢集邮。

  ----What’s his hobby? ----他的爱好是什么?

  ----He likes riding a bike. ----他喜欢骑自行车。

  4. ----Do you like peaches? ----你喜欢吃桃子吗?

  ----Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.----喜欢。/ 不喜欢。


  1. ----What do you do on Saturdays / on the weekends? ----你星期六 / 周末一般做什么?

  ----I usually do my homework. Sometimes I play football.----我通常做作业.有时候踢足球。

  XII、询问正在做的事情:What + -ing

  1. ----What are you doing?----你在做什么?

  ----I’m doing the dishes. ----我在洗盘子。

  2. ----What’s your father doing? ----你父亲正在做什么?

  ----He’s writing an e-mail.----他正在写电子邮件。

  3. ----What’s the tiger doing? ----那只老虎在干什么?

  ----It’s running. ----它在奔跑。

  4. ----What are the elephants doing?----那些大象在干什么?

  ----They’re drinking. ----它们正在喝水。


  1. ----What are you going to do?----你准备做什么?

  ----I’m going to the cinema. ----我准备去看电影。

  ----When are you going to do? ----你准备什么时候去?

  ----This afternoon. ----今天下午。

  2. ----where are you going this afternoon?----今天下午你准备到哪儿去?

  ----I’m going to the bookstore. ----我准备到书店去。

  ----What are you going to buy? ----你打算买点儿什么?

  ----I’m going to buy a comic book.----我准备买本漫画书。


  1. ----Where did you go last weekend / yesterday / on your holiday?


  ----I went to Wuhan. ----我去了武汉。

  2. ----How did you go there? ----你怎么去的?

  ----I went by train.----我坐火车去的。

  3. ----What did you do there?----你在那儿做了些什么?

  ----I went shopping. ----我去购物了。


  1. ----Is this your bedroom? ----这是你的卧室吗?

  ----Yes, it is. ----是的。

  ----Is your sister in the living room? ----你姐姐在客厅吗?

  ----No, she isn’t. / Yes, she is. ----不在。/ 在。

  2. ----Is this your skirt?----这是你的短裙吗?

  ----Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t. ----是的。/ 不是。

  3. ----Is your English teacher young? ----你的英语老师年轻吗?

  ----Yes, she is. / No, she isn’t.----是的。/不.她不年轻。

  4. ----Are these / those / they cucumbers? ----这些 / 那些是黄瓜吗?

  ----Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t.----是的。/ 不是的。

  5. ----Is there a river in the park?----公园里有一条小河吗?

  ----Yes, there is. / No, there isn’t.----有。/ 没有。

  ----Are there any bridges in your village?----你们村子里有桥吗?



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